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Another term, another deadline

Since the winter term is coming to a close here in Spain, I had to write some reports yesterday (and have Anna translate them, because my boss is not responding to my pleas for an advanced Spanish class).

The worst thing you can do with reports is write them at the end of the term I think. It's very hard to remember all that happened in a term and it can be daunting to come up with something constructive to say. I think I should start a student diary, just to record my students progress better. Sure, I have the weekly tests and pop quizzes to gauge their reading and grammar skills, but listening, speaking, writing - all of those need to be tracked way more closely. And what about those intangibles: motivation, cooperativeness, camaraderie?

All in all, I think I did a good job this term with the reports, but dang it if this term didn't suck for all involved. I really feel that despite our hard work, me and my students didn't progress as well as we expected.