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Look both ways before crossing

Lately I've been playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on my PSP. The game is fun, but so frickin' hard sometimes. I think one of the things that makes it so hard is the camera.

In other PSP action games, like Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy for example, the camera can lock on to an opponent and track his movement, making sure he is almost always on screen and your movements are relative to his. So you can actually be running away from him, while still watching his body for tells of an upcoming move.

I know this looks bad, but the horned guy actually sees it coming and will dodge.

What's more, even if you lock on you camera to something else on the field (like a powerup), there is still a blue floating arrow around you that shows you where the opponent is.

It's rude to point.

On the other hand, in MHFU the camera is fixed on you and barely even turns when you. Which means enemies can jump you any time if you're not cautious.

Not pictured: the five bugs the hunter is running into.

You have to remember: this is a game where you will often be fighting multiple enemies on screen or a humongous enemy that takes, literally, half an hour to kill. The best part? The fixed, manually controlled camera is a feature.

How? Well, think back to your last football match. Did you always know where the ball is? Didn't you sometimes look behind you to see where your teammates were? The camera in MHFU is supposed to simulate that. It's manually controlled so you actually have to pay attention to your surroundings and situation - you will sometimes have to disengage the enemy to just run out a bit and see check what the other 3 monsters are doing.

The camera is hard getting used to, but it contributes immensely to the ambience of the game. When assessing the situation actually needs to be part of your combat technique you really feel like you are hunting dragons.


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May. 26th, 2012 02:46 pm (UTC)
Freedom Unite is such an amazing game! I'm waiting for the 3DS Monster Hunter to get back into it. Happy hunting!
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