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To Boldly Feels

Man, the TGWTG.com anniversary video is finally over and Doug Walker is retiring the Nostalgia Critic character. All of my feels. All of them.

Seriously, NC and Spoony were a big part of my media consumption for a while now, though probably the most significant during my 4th year of college, when I would sap their videos using Firefox plug-in magic to watch later at home, where I had the saddest excuse of an Internet connection ever. I cannot tell you how many times I have re-watched the Batman and Robin review.

Still, Spoony promises he will ramp up the video production soon enough as his doctors finally figured out the meds he should be taking, so there's that.

Me? I'm just going to continue with my newest media addiction: podcasts. It started at first as a way to while away the hours on the bus, shuttled between Llodio and Vitoria. Now, even though I already moved to Vitoria proper, I still find myself gorging my ears with Read It and Weep, Gundamn, Weekly Manga Recap and everything Lordkat puts out in mp3 form. Somebody make Spoony start a podcast with the Cinema Snob and I may never again take out my earbud headphones.

Oh, yeah and I now have an apartment with Anna, a new full-time job and I may be going back to school to get my MA. But, you know, those are the unimportant details.


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Sep. 17th, 2012 04:49 am (UTC)
Podcast manager
I highly recommend gPodder - it's an awesome podcast manager. Yeah, you need one of those once you start listening to 5+ podcasts :-).
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