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Carry on my wayward... buyer?

Albert just sent me a wonderful present: a Nintendo DSi. The console came with a copy of Pokemon Platinum (in German of all languages), whose owner forgot to wipe her save.

At first I wanted to delete the save, but the Pokemon game first prompts you twice before doing that and on the second prompt I decided to check it out.

It seems Alison, the previous owner of the cart got through all of the League's Elite Four, but couldn't manage to beat the League Champion, Cynthia. Nor did she finish her regional Pokedex.

When I tried beating Cynthia with Alison's team I got beat badly and I decided that no, I'm not going to delete this save. I'm going to finish Alison's pokedex, I'm going to curbstomp Cynthia and then I'm going to catch all the Hoenn pokes, legendaries I can find. I mean, Alison already went so far, it's time to finish this mother off.

I also bought Pokemon Black in Spanish, to practice Spanish, but I think I like Platinum more. Then again, I'm only three gyms in.